What is the basis for a will contest?

Most of the challenges to invalidate Wills are by potential heirs or beneficiaries who got little or nothing. Questions on the validity of a Will must be filed in probate court within a certain number of days after receiving notice of the death or petition to admit the Will to probate.

The typical objections and unhappiness is not one of them are:

  1. the Will was not properly drawn, signed or witnessed, according to the state’s formal requirements;
  2. the decedent lacked mental capacity at the time the Will was executed;
  3. there was fraud, force or undue influence; or
  4. the Will was a forgery.

If the Will is held invalid, the probate court may invalidate all provisions or only the challenged portion. If the entire Will is held invalid, generally the proceeds are distributed under the laws of intestacy of the probating state.

If there is even the possibility of a will contest, an experienced probate lawyer is a must.